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Mysterious Shadowy Figure On The Moon

It's time to ascend.

(Image Credit:YouTube/wowforreeel)

An image from Google Moon has captured a strange shadowy figure on the Moon’s surface.

Spotted in July 2014, the image was captured and posted on YouTube by wowforreeel.

“An irregularly shaped dark spot he noticed on Google Moon looks like it could be a cast shadow from a massive standing object, or figure. At first I thought maybe it was something drawn into the picture but after going to G. Moon, whatever it is or isn’t.. uh, is there. You get the idea. Go check it out and of course decide for yourself. Debunk it, shred it, figure it out,” Wowforreeel told UFO Sighting daily.

There seems to be a growing trend of strange anomalies being discovered on Google Earth and Google Moon. Check out the video below:



Real or fake?