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NASA cuts ISS video feed after 3 UFO’s spotted leaving Earth

It's time to ascend.

As the video spreads like wildfire through social media, many conspiracy theorists claim this is not only proof that we are not alone in the universe and that aliens are already here – that it’s also proof that NASA already knows about it.


The video is fast racking up hits, with over 400k views since being posted online last week, and many have taken to leave their thoughts on what the alleged alien objects could be.

“I just adore how they [NASA] cut the feed off, they make it so obvious they know what’s going on too,” wrote one commenter.

Another wrote: “I say multi-dimensional spaceships. The Anunnaki were said to be multi-dimensional, so they probably had/have spaceships that are multi-dimensional too.”

It is unconfirmed whether the footage is 100% real or whether it has been doctored, but this is not the first time such video clips have been recorded and posted online from the ISS live feed.

Check out one of the youtube videos below – is this proof we are not alone?: