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Strange Structure Identified On The Moon

It's time to ascend.

ancient aliens

(Image Credit: NASA/ YouTube – Scott Waring)

A NASA photo of the Moon shows what seems to be an alien structure in one of the Moons’ craters.

Scott Waring from UFO Sightings Daily has uploaded a video which details the strange structure and where its located In the Aristarchus area of the Moon.

Here is Scott’s description on his video:

Was looking at a NASA photo of the moon when I came across some interesting structures. I only recorded the best and clearest one that I found. This particular structure has a massive sphere at its center with two rectangle coming directly out of its side and another rectangle that is larger but coming out of it in a diagonal position.

Check out the video below:



What do you think? Could it really be an alien structure proving that we are indeed not alone, and that intelligent beings have been using our moon as a base as many believe? Or is it just a blurry rock?