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UFO Caught On Video In Indiana Tornado Cloud

It's time to ascend.

UFO Sightings Indiana


An Unidentified Flying Object has been filmed hovering around in a tornado cloud in Indiana on 17th November.

The youtube video uploaded by UFODI shows a bright object – which is described as disc shaped when viewed on a larger screen – in a tornado cloud and not being affected by the heavy weather at all, in fact freely moving on its own terms.

From the videos description:

This jawdropping UFO footage comes from Indiana U.S and was recorded during the tornados wreckingspree! The clear footage show an ET Saucer Shaped Craft or Governmental Military craft wizzing at speeds inside and around the clouds which clearly show signs of a blizzard! It travels with and against the wind and never flips over just keeping its possition effortlessly slicing through the wind.

Check out the video and see what you think.