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16 Pyramids Discovered In Ancient Cemetery

Dating back approximately 2000 years to a time when a kingdom called “Kush” flourished in Sudan, Pyramid building was popular at the time by Kushites up until the collapse of their kingdom around 400AD.

Derek Welby and his team from the British Museum at London have been excavating in Gematon since 1998, and have made many discoveries.

“So far, we’ve excavated six made out of stone and 10 made out of mud brick,” Welsby said.

The largest pyramid found was about 10.6m long on each side, and would have risen up 13m from the ground when fully formed.


In one of the tombs, archaeologists also discovered an offering table made out of tin-bronze. The carvings on the table depict a priest making offerings to the god Osiris, the ruler of the underworld. Behind Osiris is Isis, who is also depicted pouring offerings to Osiris.

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