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Mysterious Golden Lozenge From Stonehenge Goes On Display


One of the most enigmatic and popular prehistoric monuments, Stonehenge, is known to just about everyone when mentioned.

The incredible stone structure made of enormous stones set out in a circular shape may be commonly known, however the mysterious ‘Golden Lozenge’ that was found in a burial grave of a cheiftain within Stonehenge is definitely not common knowledge.

One of Britains earliest archaeologists William Cunnington, discovered what is known as the crown jewels of the ‘King Of Stonehenge’, found within a large Bronze Age burial mound just ½ mile from Stonehenge, known today as Bush Barrow.

Cunnington writes in a letter to archaeologist Sir Richard Colt Hoare,

“We found the skeleton of a stout and tall man. On approaching the breast of the skeleton we found immediately on the breast bone a fine plate of gold. This article in the form of a lozenge was fixed to a thin piece of wood, over the edges of which the gold was wrapped.”

This incredible relic, with mathematically designed patterns, has been locked away along with other artefacts until now.

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