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“I Was Healed By A Ghost”

It's time to ascend.

 (Image Credit: Peter Berthelot)

A woman has come forward claiming she has been healed by a ghostly entity known as ‘The White Lady’, during a visit to church on a summer holiday.

Diane Berthelot had her gall bladder removed and had been unwell for some months, having to take antibiotics with an infection spreading after the operation. When she went to Worstead Village Church in Norfolk, though, things changed.

She sat on a pew at the front of the church praying for recovery, as her husband and son wandered the church snapping photographs. Mrs Berthelot tells of a warm and comfortable feeling coming over her while on the bench as she prayed.

After praying, she claimed to have felt alot better, so she got up and with her family left the church and went home. Six months later, after developing her photos, one of her photos shows a white figure sitting directly behind her in the church.

“When we saw the white figure sitting behind me on the projector screen, we just stood there with our mouths open.

“My feet started to tingle. This sensation eventually engulfed the whole of me. It was a pleasant, comforting feeling.” Her husband added: “I had been walking around the church looking at various things.

“I came back, saw Diane sitting there and took the photo. I couldn’t see anyone behind her but it’s so clear on the image. It’s incredible.”

When they visited the church the following summer, showing the photograph to the local vicar, he told them about the legend of the white lady who appeared to heal the sick.

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