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Two Hidden Rooms Found In Tutankhamun’s Tomb

It's time to ascend.

King Tutankhamun

After month’s of speculation following thermal scans of King Tut’s tomb, Antiquities Minister Mamdouh al Damaty has revealed that scans have revealed in the famous young king’s tomb the existence of 2 hidden chambers, which contain both metallic objects and organic masses.

It is widely believed that the chambers contain members of his family, however there is excitement around the possibility that one may contain the long sought after Queen Nefertiti.

More detailed scans are scheduled for March 31st to try and better understand the contents of what lies inside the rooms.

“It could be the discovery of the century. It’s very important for Egyptian history and the history of the world,” said al Damaty.

The buzz around the possibility of secret rooms in Tutankhamun’s tomb began last year when British archaeologist Nicholas Reeves discovered what he believed was an outline to a hidden door, after examination of some high res photographs of the interior.