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Is This A Ghost Caught In A Photograph?

It's time to ascend.


Phil Barron was leading a group of ghost enthusiasts on a haunted tour of an old Victorian orphanage, the Newsham Park Hospital in Liverpool, when they stopped for a photograph in the spooky premises.

Afterwards once the image was uploaded online, it wasn’t long before a supernatural participant was noticed in the group shot.

“I took the snap and then put my phone away and during the break three hours later I sent it over to the office to be uploaded and thought nothing more of it,” said Barron.

“It was only the following day when I was woken by a flurry of instant messages and saw the number of comments on the post I had a proper look at the photo.”

Can you see the face in the image above? If not, here is a much more obvious image:


Many people are dismissing the image as a fake and nothing more than an attention grab, however Barron insists it is real and also mentions other strange occurrences that have happened.

“I’ve seen shadows walking around people, seen a glass move on a Ouija board I’ve heard knocks and bangs that are really loud when people aren’t there,” said Barron.

Legend has it that the conditions at the old orphanage were extremely harsh and cruel and after being converted into a hospital it’s now home to a maze of corridors, wards, accommodation blocks, chapel and even a morgue.