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Ghost Photographed in Window Of Ohio House

It's time to ascend.

(Image Credit: NewsNet5 )

Lu Ann Sicuro and her little house in Ravenna Ohio is making news headlines recently, with Sicuro claiming her house to be haunted by the spirit of a young child.

Throughout her 20 years in the property, she claims to have heard noises, voices giggling, and door knobs jiggling in the middle of the night.Her claim of evidence is a photo taken by her son some years ago, which seems to show a little girl in the window.

“A very disturbing photo. It appears to be an image of a child. I believe the image in the photograph shows what is in our home,” she said. “I’ve heard giggling, I’ve heard little footsteps.”

She has also had 2 paranormal investigation teams sweep the house, and confirm they too believe the house is home to another presence.

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