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Is This A Ghost Caught On Camera?

It's time to ascend.

Photo of Ghost in Edinburgh


Legend has it that Grassmarket’s White Hart Inn is the most haunted pub in Edinburgh, and this picture definitely builds on its reputation.

A recent photo taken by Aussie tourists in the pub shows a blurred apparition near the main bar of the spooky venue. Staff of the White Hart Inn believe it to be the ghost of a woman wearing a red dress. The legend of the woman is that she was a prostitute who frequented the bar in the 1800’s, and was killed on the premises.

The manager of the Inn, Michael Johnson, who is also a skeptic by nature, remembers the night approximately 8 weeks ago, when the Australian family were there.

He said: “They were about the second last group to leave and they pulled on my shirt and said ‘look at this’.

“They’d looked through the photos and seen something a bit strange. She pulled it up on us and that’s when I knew it wasn’t a hoax. She couldn’t have done any computer graphics because she was still in the pub.”

The White Hart in is the oldest pub in Edinburgh, dating back to 1516.

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