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Bright UFO In Michigan ‘Scans’ Car

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UFO Sightings In Michigan

(Image Credit: Youtube/Research4Truth12)

A youtube video shows what is seemingly an extremely bright UFO hovering over a car and scanning it with a green laser type beam. The video, uploaded by ‘Research4Truth12’, alleges the recording took place on 27th October.

The recorder of the video, called ‘Bob’, states in his description that he was in a rural part of Michigan where the closest Major City would be Port Huron, when he saw the UFO. He drove to the end of a road, and the UFO actually headed towards him. He ran from the car in fear, and started filming.

This is where it gets a little more interesting. The UFO seems to hover over the car, and then scan it with a laser type beam. Here is an excerpt from his description of the event.

Once I moved a distance back, I zoomed out the camera a bit more and noticed the object was hovering directly over my vehicle. Then it started to lower itself as it slowly rotated directly over my roof! At that point, it appeared to be shining a very bright green beam over it. Then suddenly, it shot straight up into the sky and the swirling sound disappeared at the exact time it vanished.

‘Bob’ also describes a low whirring sound and all his hair standing up on end, possibly from extreme static in the air. There are also statements in the description of the video noting that the UFO has since been spotted on another night as well.

Could this be a real encounter, or is the whirring bright UFO just another drone sighting? Check out the video and see for yourself.

 Youtube Link РPosted by Research4Truth12