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Iguana Shaped Rock Spotted On Mars

It's time to ascend.

Iguana Rock Evidence Of Life On Mars

(Image Credit: NASA)

A rock on Mars has been spotted with an incredible likeness to an Iguana.

Originally spotted and revealed by UFO Sightings Daily in photos by NASA’s curiousity rover, rather than the claim being another strange shaped rock that really has no likeness to what its being described as (plenty of those on the internet), this time the claim really does look the goods.

This is not the first time strange things have been spotted in photos of Mars – back in May a blogger had claimed to have spotted a lizard moving around on the Martian desert.

While some may claim this is evidence of life on Mars, others are also ‘worried’ that this may even be an experiment by NASA of planting life on Mars for research.

Whichever it may be, head over to The Daily Mail here to check out more details on the story with pics and video.