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Scientists Believe Human Origins Come From Clay

It's time to ascend.

Human Origins Story


In a not so common moment where science and religion find some common ground, new research has scientists saying that life indeed may have its origins in clay.

The Holy Bible, The Koran, and Greek Mythology all refer to man coming from clay or dust, and now research may just back up this theory. Clay, at its most basic is a combination of minerals in the ground, acts as a ‘breeding laboratory’ of sorts, for tiny molecules and chemicals which it absorbs like a sponge.

Over billions of years, the chemicals react, forming proteins, DNA and eventually forming living cells. Biological engineers from Nanoscale Science at Cornell University, New York, believe clay may be ‘the birthplace of life on Earth’.

The theory relates to many religious and spiritual theories dating back thousands of years, with the Holy Bible referring to man being created from dust, and returning to dust when he dies (the ancient hebrew translation meaning clay or earth).

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