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Strange Color Changing UFO Caught On Security Camera

It's time to ascend.

UFO Sighting Over Michigan

(Image Credit: Youtube/jcattera – Image Edit: Huffington Post)

A Michigan man has captured a strange orb-like UFO on security camera in October, which seems to pulsate and change colors.

Youtube user ‘jcattera‘ has captured the interesting UFO on not one, but two occasions, with the first video captured on October 2nd showing the orb moving down and then off to the left.

“I captured this footage on my home security camera around 11 pm in my front yard in Southeast, Mich., and I’m about eight miles north of an Air National Guard base,” jcattera wrote on his YouTube page. “I was on the lookout for capturing a fireball. I thought I might be able to catch one on video, but I never expected to capture this!”


Intending to actually try and capture colorful meteors streaking through the night sky, it turns out he may have captured something far more interesting. In the second video, captured on October 12th, it even appears that the orb is drawing water from a pond.



Of course, naturally the video has been met with some criticism as well. Huffington Post, who originally reported this story, reached out to a former FBI special agent, Ben Hansen, to have a look and give his opinion.

“I’m really on the fence with this one. It could definitely be hoaxed,” Hansen told HuffPost in an email. “I’m not liking the very flat two-dimensionality of the light. At no time does it pass behind trees that are apparently close to the camera. It conveniently stops right before it would need to pass behind them.

“The green light looks ‘projected’ like an overlay of some sort of a video filming a pane of glass with lights on it.”

What’s your take? Is this a genuine UFO caught on camera? OR is it a simple hoax trying to claim authenticity?

Check out the full article here on Huffington Post for more details.