UFO's & Extraterrestrial


Is This A UFO Harvesting Energy From Our Sun?

The video which has been uploaded by YouTube user and UFO Hunter Streetcap1 showing a bright shape which looks to be tethered to the...

Our Universe


Scientists: Parallel Universes Exists & Interact With Our Universe

Also known as the 'Multiverse Theory', the theory challenges the conventional theory of a single universe by claiming that multiple universes exist. The multiverse theory...

Strange World


New Species Of Giant Air Breathing Fish Found In Amazon

The Arapaima species are one of the world's largest, most mysterious - and most endangered - species of fish in the world. Now, researchers...

Spiritual News

Ancient Metal Tablet Stirs Controversy With Mentions Of Jesus

The lead tablets that were discovered in 2008 have been found to be authentic in terms of age, according to researchers. The tablets were originally...

Ancient History


Ancient 7,000 Year Old City Discovered In Egypt

Located in the province known as Sohag, the city is thought to date back all the way to 5316BC, and archaeologists believe it housed...



Is This A Ghost Caught In A Photograph?

Phil Barron was leading a group of ghost enthusiasts on a haunted tour of an old Victorian orphanage, the Newsham Park Hospital in Liverpool,...

Bizarre News


Huge Cobra Terrorising Bathrooms In Apartment Block

Many residents are fearful for their safety as an enormous and highly venomous cobra has made it's way into the plumbing of their apartment...



Japanese Company Building Robotic Jurassic Park

Being described as a 'half visual spectacle and half wacky performance piece', the Dino-a-Live robotic dinosaur theme park was formulated by Japanese entrepreneur Kazuya...