UFO's & Extraterrestrial


Did Aliens Hack NASA’s Voyager 2 Probe?

NASA's space probe originally left Earth in 1977, is the only space probe to have passed beyond Saturn and Neptune. Now, it has been claimed...

Our Universe

NASA Set To Reveal Major Exoplanet Discovery

It was less than a year ago, in May 2015, when NASA announced it had discovered a staggering 1,284 exoplanets which in turn brought...

Strange World

Large Amounts Of Meteorite Material Discovered In Iran Desert

Russian scientist Viktor Grokhovsky who originally was recognised for recovering the meteorite that crashed into Russia back in 2013 has once again hit the news...

Spiritual News

‘Virgin Mary’ Appears In Sky Over Tonga

Tongan resident Joey Mataele spotted a peculiar shaped cloud in the blue skies of Tonga, and upon looking at the cloud, he noticed a...

Ancient History


New Cave Of Dead Sea Scrolls Discovered By Scientists

In what are widely considered to be one of the most significant finds in history in terms of religious texts, there are hundreds of...



‘Poltergeist’ Activity Caught On Film In Famous Wiltshire Bar

A group of paranormal investigators were left speechless after a strange encounter caught on CCTV camera in the Antrobus Hotel in Amesbury, Wiltshire -...

Bizarre News


Man Hammers 38 Nails – With His Head

Ferraro, who when not busy hammering nails is an American strongman and wrestler, has a head of granite, proven in 2011 when he broke...


Scientists Aim To Resurrect The Wooly Mammoth

The claim has been made by Professor George Church, who leads the efforts to bring back the long lost animal to life, and is...