UFO's & Extraterrestrial

‘I Was Abducted By Aliens’: Miami Politician

In 2 separate interviews conducted many years ago, the 59 republican recounts 'going up ' into a spacecraft at the tender age of 7...

Our Universe

Massive Object Found At Our Galaxy Centre

The incredibly large object is believed to be approximately 13 times the size of Jupiter, and located in what is known as the 'galactic...

Strange World


Russian Boy: ‘I Lived On Mars’

According to his parents and doctors, they knew very early on that something was special about Boriska. He started to speak before the age of...

Spiritual News

Blood Traces Found On Shroud Of Turin

The mysterious cloth is believed by many faithful around the world to be the burial cloth of Jesus Christ himself, whom Christian revere as...

Ancient History


Mysterious Ancient City Nan Madol Draws Comparisons To Atlantis

The mysterious city of Nan Madol to this day remains an enigma. Built in the middle of the Pacific Ocean on a remote island thousands...



Ghostly Mist Filmed In Haunted Hotel

Billy Driver and Mark Morrow are paranormal investigators who have a paranormal investigation series called 'Strange Town' which is available on YouTube, and were...

Bizarre News


Welsh Beach Invaded By Cephalopods

Brett Stones, one of the witnesses who saw the event, saw up for 25 of the cephalopods crawling up the sand of New Quay...

Science & Technology


15,000 Scientists Issue Grave Warning To Humanity

The warning is a followup message, 15 years after a group of 1,500 scientists issued a similar warning in 1992 and has now picked...