UFO's & Extraterrestrial

Mystery Surrounds UFO Photographed Over Sydney, Australia

Gus Medero, a man from Narrabeen in Sydney, Australia captured a photo of the mysterious object in the skies over the Northern beaches, and...

Our Universe


Humans Are (Literally) Made Of Stars

Well known astronomer Carl Sagan once said "The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in...

Strange World

91 Volcanoes Discovered Under Antarctic Ice

The latest major discovery on the icy continent just goes to prove once again how little we really know about Antarctica, and the fact...

Spiritual News

Blood Traces Found On Shroud Of Turin

The mysterious cloth is believed by many faithful around the world to be the burial cloth of Jesus Christ himself, whom Christian revere as...

Ancient History


Scientists Now Hunting For ‘Hidden Recess’ In Great Khufu Pyramid

146 metres tall in all it's grandeur, the ancient world wonder which has captivated imaginations for centuries is still just as mysterious as it...



Ghost Hunters Claim To Catch ‘Egyptian Priest’ Ghost On Video

Sean Reynolds and Rebecca Palmer are a ghost hunting couple who were filming at the Leeds City Museum which houses the tomb of ancient...

Bizarre News


Portable Toilets Attacking Moscow Residents

This bizarre scene was worth sharing just for fun. The crazy scene was thanks to a storm on Moscow on June 30 which sent portable...



Major Breakthrough As Scientists Create ‘Almost Immediate’ Healing Device

You would be forgiven for thinking that the scientists at Ohio State University have been watching too many sci-fi movies - their new technology...