UFO's & Extraterrestrial

Is There ALIEN Bacteria On The ISS?

Shkaplerov is scheduled to return to the space station in December, and has claimed scientists have collected some samples of bacteria from the stations...

Our Universe

Our Interstellar Visitor Is Red And Very Dark

The object which is name 'Oumaumua' recently spotted zipping past our sun is the first confirmed object originating from outside our Solar System. New observations...

Strange World

Newly Discovered Prehistoric Worm Creature ‘Strange Beyond Measure’

The 'mythical beast' is described as a helmeted wormlike animal that lived in the ocean approximately 500 million years ago and also had a...

Spiritual News


Tomb Of Jesus Much Older Than Previously Thought

The tomb that many believe is the final resting place of Jesus Christ was originally believed to only date back approximately 1000 years to...

Ancient History


Mysterious Ancient City Nan Madol Draws Comparisons To Atlantis

The mysterious city of Nan Madol to this day remains an enigma. Built in the middle of the Pacific Ocean on a remote island thousands...


‘Ghost’ photographed in selfie at Myrtles Plantation

Located in St Francisville, Louisiana, the famous plantation is believed to be buried on a Tunica Indian burial ground, and is considered to be...

Bizarre News

Bizarre: Can you ‘hear’ this GIF?

The extremely bizarre animated GIF is an audio illusion which shows a large electrical pylon jumping rope, yet even though the animation is completely...

Science & Technology


15,000 Scientists Issue Grave Warning To Humanity

The warning is a followup message, 15 years after a group of 1,500 scientists issued a similar warning in 1992 and has now picked...