UFO's & Extraterrestrial


Glowing Orb UFO Captured On Video

A strange orb like UFO has been captured on video in the night sky - real or hoax?

Our Universe


Is Planet Nine Causing The Sun To Tilt?

The long talked about 'Planet 9' could be the culprit causing the rotational axis of the Sun to shift, according to researchers at the...

Strange World

Stunning Photos Of A Microscopic World

The annual Nikon Small World Photomicrography competition showcases “the beauty and complexity of life as seen through the light microscope,” according to Nikon’s website. The winner...

Spiritual News

st charbel heals arizona woman

Arizona Woman Claims Miracle Healing From Lebanese St Charbel

In mid January on a Saturday, Dafne Guiterrez was at St Joseph Maronite Church in Phoenix for the visit of relics of the well known St...

Ancient History


Two Secret Rooms Discovered In Great Pyramid Of Giza

The discovery has come thanks to a collaborative project known as 'Scan Pyramids', a large combined effort between multiple universities and scientific organisations. The...



Ghost Scaring Staff At English Pub

The Chapel House Pub located in Dudley is apparently no strange to paranormal activity on the premises. Several unexplained incidents have occurred over the last...

Bizarre News

Lightning deaths in Bangladesh

64 People Killed In Bangladesh By Lightning Strikes

Here is one for the wall of wierd. Being struck by lightning is an extremely rare occurrence, however, for the poor unsuspecting residents of Bangladesh,...


vegetables - taste buddy may trick you into making them taste like chocolate

A Healthy Salad That Tastes Like Chocolate? Taste Buddy Says Yes

Ever wanted a leafy green salad that tastes like a cheesy pizza? Or how about broccoli or kale that tastes like chocolate or ice...