UFO's & Extraterrestrial


Reports Of A Massive UFO Seen In Gulf Of Mexico

The encounter has been reported on the National UFO Center occurred on March 21st, and now UFO trackers are appealing for more witnesses to...

Our Universe


‘Alien’ Megastructure Star Dimming Again

Originally spotted by the Kepler Telescope between the Cygnus and Lyra constellations back in 2009, the 'alien megastructure' star is more mundanely named KIC 8462852...

Strange World

World’s ‘Oldest Man’ Dies Aged 146

The old man who was fondly known by locals and his family as 'Mbah Ghoto' (Grandpa Goto) managed to outlive 4 wives. He passed...

Spiritual News


Statue Of Virgin Mary ‘Cries Tears Of Blood’

Located in the Salta province in Argentina, the statue has attracted 100's of people after it was announced on a local radio station that...

Ancient History

Prehistoric Human DNA Found Inside Caves

The breakthrough has great significance in tracing back human history, as it means now scientists can identify which type of prehistoric human species would have...



Ghost Hunting Crew Films ‘Ghost’ in Haunted House

'Most Haunted' is a Television show that has been airing for 15 years, with over 200 episodes to it's credit. It follows the paranormal...

Bizarre News


Cats Learn To Ring Bell For Food

The cute/bizarre footage has quickly made its' presence known on social media, with the felines constantly ringing their bells over and over to have...



Researchers Successfully Grow Premature Lambs In Artificial Wombs

The scene which has a lamb in a plastic bag, connected to multiple tubes and full of fluids is something that could easily be...